Psychological Services

Our Psychological Services department provides the following assessments and evaluations:

  • Pre-conditional offer assessments
  • Post-offer evaluations
  • Fit-for-duty evaluations
  • Disability evaluations
  • Special Unit Selection (e.g. SWAT, Crisis Negotiation Unit, etc.)
  • Professional Consultation

Need a medical evaluation as well?  Here are some of the unique benefits of having both your medical and psychological evaluations performed by Public Safety Medical.

Medical and Psychological Services in One Location

  • Services Performed Independent of Each Other: Though we provide medical and psychological evaluations in the same building, services are performed and records are held in separate suites. This aids in the privacy necessary for fitness-for-duty evaluations.
  • Stronger Clinical Oversight: Direct communication between the psychological and medical services divisions, when necessary, provides more efficient and thorough handling of each client. This also ensures compliance with the Public Employees’ Retirement Fund (PERF) requirements of having a medical doctor sign off on psychological exclusions.
  • Communication Without Risk of Violating HIPAA: There is no need for release of information forms and the psychologist and physician can coordinate with each other in ways often not possible for most independent psychologists.
  • Streamlined Scheduling and Billing: You have the ability to request your entire evaluation through our online scheduling tool and will receive one bill for medical and psychological evaluations.

No Conflict of Interest

As we do not treat individuals, there is no conflict of interest due to both the medical and psychological services being performed in our office.

Consultations are Free

Both the psychologist and medical director are available free of charge to address your questions and discuss your cases.

Two Psychologists Review Every Case

A second doctoral-level psychologist reviews every case.  Two psychologists for the price of one!  This improves court defensibility and quality.

Court Defensibility

Both our medical and psychological evaluations have been successfully defended in federal and/or state court. 

Please click here if you’d like to speak with a Public Safety Medical representative about our psychological services.