Center of Excellence

Public Safety Medical is the first Center of Excellence for medical and psychological services for public safety professionals.  We partner with our clients to achieve the best outcomes in Public Safety through the following six criteria:

  1. Outcomes Management: It all starts with evidence-based outcomes.  After measuring 190 different data points on each client per year, we execute a proprietary outcomes management system that includes follow-up, referrals, interventions, and safety protocols in order to help your personnel enjoy a full career and healthy retirement. A wrap-up report is presented by your Public Safety Medical client manager to review your departmental aggregate findings and our recommendations on mitigating risks.
  1. Personnel Engagement: Each of your personnel will receive education, coaching, counseling, goal setting, and other interventions that lead to decreased risks.
  1. Information Protection: We ensure complete confidentiality and HIPAA-compliance of sensitive information.
  1. Year-Round Wellness Interventions: We partner with your department to develop strategies to further reduce risk.
  1. Specialized Staff: Our staff has the required certifications and experience to best serve your personnel.
  1. Superior Quality: From state-of-the-art equipment to continuous clinical auditing, we commit to providing the highest quality evaluations possible.