Peer Fitness Trainers

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The purpose of the Ignite Peer Fitness Trainer Program is to provide Peer Fitness Trainers, and other personnel involved with the health and wellness of their departments, with resources and information to successfully promote and teach their personnel healthy lifestyle practices.  Certified PFT’s will also receive their required continuing education credits.

Continuing Education Workshops:

  • Offered 2-3 times a year
  • Provide access to resources and “best practices” of other PFT’s
  • Provide fire-service-relevant training and resources that can be immediately applied at the Department
  • Meets the requirements of the ACE/IAFF Peer Fitness Trainer Certification for Continuing Education

To inquire further about the Ignite Peer Fitness Trainer Program or to join the PFT portal, please click here.

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Nationally, there are thousands of peer fitness trainers (PFT’s) serving their fire departments.  The PFT program was developed by the International Association of Fire Fighters to enhance the success of their Wellness Fitness Initiative program.

Purpose of PFT’s

  • Improve the quality of life through training and education
  • Promote a positive working environment for maintaining healthy and physically fit personnel
  • Designing programs that address the various fitness levels of all personnel
  • Understanding of the culture and unique characteristics of fire fighting by incorporating certified peer trainers that can be available 24/7

Current process of becoming certified

  • Must take and pass the ACE-approved 115-question certification exam
  • Can do a home study or attend a 5-day PFT Workshop led by a certified PFT “train the trainer” instructor to prepare for exam

Click here to learn more about becoming a certified peer fitness trainer.

Want to host your own certification class?  Click here to contact a PSM staff member who can help.