Fitness Rehabilitation Program

Purpose: A voluntary ten to fourteen-week health and fitness program offered to those personnel who need to regain appropriate levels of physical fitness necessary to perform their job-related functions as outlined within their job description.

The Public Safety Medical Fitness Rehabilitation Program (FRP) is divided into 3 Phases:

INITIATION PHASE (Length of time: 1-2 weeks)

  1. The referral:
    This is the first step taken by the department to say “We recognize that there is a need/problem and help is available.”
  2. The evaluations:
    Medical, fitness and orthopedic evaluations are performed to determine current health/fitness levels, what the needs are and any specific limitations.
  3. The multi-departmental meeting:
    This meeting is for the referred department member, the administration, the union representative and Public Safety Medical (all advocates) to openly present, review and discuss the FRP, its purpose, function, and requirements.

IMPLEMENTATION PHASE (Length of time: 8-10 weeks)

  1. Program communications, exercise and nutrition logs, and hands-on demonstrations are performed.
  2. Medical, orthopedic, and fitness re-evaluations, progress reports and compliance reports are completed as necessary.
  3. Program modifications where necessary.

RESOLUTION/COMPLETION PHASE (Length of time: 1-2 weeks)

  1. Final evaluations
  2. Work Performance Evaluation (when applicable)
  3. Medical release completed
  4. Final program modifications

Please click here if you’d like to speak with a Public Safety Medical representative about our fitness rehabilitation program.