The Public Safety Medical Advantage

National Leaders

Service on numerous local and national public safety medical and wellness committees keeps us at the forefront of the issues important to public safety professionals.

Unsurpassed Experience

We provide knowledge and expertise through our over 25 years of exclusive service to public safety professionals.

Outcomes and Research Focused

Committed to evaluating trends and outcomes to help us develop better solutions to improve the health and well-being of public safety personnel through our database of tens of thousands of public safety professionals.


Successfully defended in federal court, our approach ensures medical responsibility is placed on us, not on your public safety department.


Provision of all services in one location (your site or ours) ensures your personnel return to their work as quickly as possible.

Focus on Best Practices

Our delivery of services and post-evaluation reporting provides detailed data on the departmental health risks and our recommendations to protect your organization from medical liability. Click here to read about our Center of Excellence

24/7 Communication

Our proprietary, secure Web site, known as OnMed, provides resources for authorized personnel to schedule appointments for annual physicals, fitness for duty, or applicant and provides access to numerous reports.

For more information or to speak with a Public Safety Medical representative, please click here or call 317.972.1180.