Applicant/Post Offer Evaluations

Public Safety Medical performs over 1000 applicant/post-offer evaluations every year and offers a variety of applicant/new hire/post-offer evaluation options to fit your needs.

The intent of an applicant/post-offer evaluation is to assess the medical and psychological condition of a potential candidate and evaluate their ability to safely perform the prescribed duties as set forth by department and professional standards.

Experienced and Accurate

For departments that require an evaluation for a pension fund (e.g. Indiana PERF), there is a specific protocol that must be followed and Public Safety Medical can deliver.  In Indiana, Public Safety Medical is the most experienced provider of PERF post-offer evaluations in the state and we will get your paperwork right the first time.

One Location for All

Our full-service staff performs the complete evaluation in one location, in one day!  That includes blood work, physical exam, fitness testing, and psychological evaluations.  No more nuisance with scheduling your candidate at multiple locations over multiple days (or weeks!).

Fast and Efficient

Public Safety Medical understands the need for a quick turn-around on your candidates.  Our proprietary, efficient system provides a written recommendation/determination back to the departmental contact within 7-10 business days of the evaluation.

Please click here if you’d like to speak with a Public Safety Medical representative about applicant/post-offer evaluations or click here to request an appointment.