Client Testimonials

Fire Chief Ernest Malone

Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department

“Public Safety Medical has been a valued partner for the Indianapolis Fire Department for many years.  We depend on their expertise and experience to make sure our personnel have long and healthy careers and well into their retirement.  Their passion and commitment for serving our firefighters is the number one reason our population feels that their health concerns come first.  Preventive screens have been crucial to help save the lives of our department with life threatening incidences.  Public Safety Medical recognizes our risks and challenges and truly understands our needs.”

Chief of Police Bryan K. Roach

Indianapolis (IN) Metropolitan Police Department

“The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has been more than satisfied with the efficiency, care, and service rendered by PSM. We are excited to have been able to extend a 4-year contract for their services and look forward to their partnership with our new Fitness Program.”

Captain Paul Ciesielski

Indianapolis (IN) Metropolitan Police Department

Capt. Ciesielski with Rachel (L) and Janet (R) of Public Safety Medical

“As a 31 year veteran of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department I know the stress that accumulates with the job of law enforcement. It is easy to ignore your health and move it to the back burner with the chaos of our busy and stressful lives. I’ve been a regular visitor to Public Safety Medical, always taking advantage of the free (to us) and thorough physical they offer. They truly understand what we do as law enforcement officers and can identify the risk factors associated with our jobs.

My recent “routine” physical required some additional testing and landed me in my personal physician’s office for some follow up. Because of the thoroughness of my wellness exam, I am ahead of the game and I’m working on a prevention program to lower my future risks.

If you have not had a comprehensive physical at PSM you truly are missing out on a benefit that will give you peace of mind and management of your personal health. Don’t wait – your life depends on it!”

President Thomas E. Ryan, Jr.

Chicago (IL) Firefighters Union Local 2

“The Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2 has been extremely fortunate to be involved with a company like Public Safety Medical. Dr. Moffatt and his staff are professional, compassionate, and fully understand the inherent risks associated with being a First Responder. Many of our members had previously undiagnosed conditions identified during our Local 2 Health Fair program. Public Safety Medical has really made a difference in the lives and wellness of our Local 2 Brothers and Sisters.”

Chief of Police Patrick Flannelly

Lafayette (IN) Police Department

“The challenge to find and hire the best police officers is the highest priority for our agency.  It is equally important to ensure we provide the best resources to maintain the health and wellness of our officers from the day we hire them, to the day we retire them.  The staff at Public Safety Medical understands this.  They care about the quality of life of our officers and understand the unique challenges and stress they face.  Police administrators can feel comfortable knowing their officers are being screened and treated by the best!”

EMS Division Chief Ted Allen

Washington Township/Avon (IN) Fire Department

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your staff. WTAFD has implemented a new Civilian Paramedic program and we have had to send multiple people to get physical and psychological exams over the past few months. Looking back, I feel that I have been a bit demanding due to time constraints and your staff has been amazingly helpful. Not getting upset with me when I call to request results and actually bending over backwards to help get the individuals scheduled. This is a theme with your crew since we started using PSM and I meant to send you something like this after our last hiring process. I cannot express enough how professional, courteous and helpful they have been and how appreciative I am.”

Fire Chief Jeffrey Payne (Dayton Fire) and Chief of Ohio Task Force One

Dayton (OH) Fire Department and Ohio Task Force One

“I want to commend you and your staff for your prompt attention to my OHTF-1 matter.  I am extremely impressed with the customer service that I received from you and your staff.”

Fire Chief Steve Orusa

Fishers (IN) Fire Department

“We have a covenant with our people to provide them with all the resources in our power to be safe, effective, and efficient.  Because, when we commit them to harm’s way we also put their family in harm’s way.   Our firefighters are industrial athletes and their risk profile doesn’t change whether they’re 22 or 52; fire doesn’t know the difference.  PSM helped us identify that the largest gap was in our health and wellness program.  One example is sprains and strains which cost us over 4400 hours of lost work time annually (two firefighter salaries).  With their help, we reduced that lost work time 90% the next year.  They defined and implemented quantitative objectives that have enabled us to reduce injuries to a level we never thought possible and insure that our people have a healthy retirement.”

Troy Torrence, MS, CSCS, Health Management Specialist

Indiana State Police

“Public Safety Medical has been a valuable asset to the Indiana State Police for well over a decade now.  We are very satisfied with the services that we receive from Public Safety Medical from our recruit applicant medical evaluations, to our specialty teams annual medical evaluations, to our return to duty and fitness for duty evaluations.  The staff at Public Safety Medical go above and beyond expectations and their commitment to serving Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters is second to none.”

Two Indianapolis Firefighters Lives Saved through the Wellness-Fitness Initiative

Mark Notter

Danny Hansman